Applizone is a Malaysia kiosk manufacturer, specializing in the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, integration, deployment on self-service kiosks.

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Applizone is a self-service industry pioneer, leading in innovation and precision since being founded in year 2000.
Applizone is a fully integrated kiosk manufacturer in Malaysia, specializing in the kiosk designs, engineering, fabrication, assembly, deployment and supports self-service solutions.

Applizone is an LEAN certified company, with all processes, from software development, to powder coating, to quality control completed in-house, we proudly offer Malaysia interactive kiosks to a global marketplace.
Our modern contemporary kiosk are made of high-quality materials, they are visually striking in their environment. We have the best and most experienced kiosk design team in the industry with thousands of kiosk projects under our belt.