The genius of Short Messaging Service (SMS) technology has just been upgraded. Introducing MobiAgent SMS System which takes conventional SMS to a whole new level.
Sending personalised SMS messages to your long list of clients is a chore. This is where MobiAgent swoops in to relieve you from the time consuming activity. MobiAgent does that by becoming your personal assistant that helps you send personalized SMS messages online.

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MobiAgent – Winning Customer Relationship

Mobile phones are not just accessories but have become a necessity in today’s wireless era. With mobile communication comes the Short Message Service (SMS) technology which is an ideal way to stay connected with anyone, anywhere at anytime to help you maintain your business relationships with your valuable customers. But, sending individual personalized SMS messages to your long list of customers can be very time consuming. This is where MobiAgent can act as your perfect personal assistant by helping you send personalized SMS messages online.

Special Features
MobiAgent can offer you the following features to improve your customer relationship management:
* Manage your customers
* Keep in touch with your customers
* Remind your customer on premium due
* Give a Greeting when birthday or wedding anniversary
* Automatically trigger and send a SMS to your customers

MobiAgent allows you to send SMS messages to your customers with an individual pre-set expiry date. This feature is very useful for sending important reminders, promotion alerts or even birthday greeting to your customer. This will ensure that your SMS messages are delivered on a timely basis.
For example:

  • Reminder for premium due, it can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly AUTO reminder.
  • Keep in touch with your existing customer by AUTO sending a Greeting SMS every year.
  • Auto sends a Birthday Greeting, Wedding Anniversary greeting SMS to your customers.
  • Group Motivation Campaign, SMS broadcast to all your group members when anyone of your Agent closed sales.
  • Customer database management
  • MobiAgent makes it so easy for you to update and manage your customer data. You can access and update important customer information such as latest contact address and phone numbers, service information and even personal details such as birthdays. You will be able to know and stay current with your customers’ information at all times.


  • You can add events, manage your schedule with customers, friends and family, and set an SMS Reminder for yourself and event attendees.

Multilingual options

  • MobiAgent gives you the option to design your SMS marketing campaigns in 3 languages – Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and English.
    You can further personalize and enhance your marketing campaigns by sending to your customer in their preferred language choice.

No additional fee

  • MobiAgent SMS service does not charge any maintenance fees and you do not need to spend on any additional hardware.
    You just have top-up your account credit and the balance will be deducted when an SMS is sent.

Suitable for various industries

  • MobiAgent is suitable for various business industries, like Insurance Agents, Financial Planner, Advisor, Automobile, Education, Travel Agency, Club, Beauty Center, Slimming Center, Fitness Center, Healthcare Center and etc.
  • MobiAgent in Malaysia has over 2000 active users.