QMS ¨C Queue Management System

Decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with Applizone¡¯s queue management solutions.
We provide standard and customization queuing solutions to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by organizations.

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QSIGNAGE QMS with Digital Signage solution

QSIGNAGE runs on a parallel architecture that links the TCP/IP Network Switch to the ticket terminal, Queue Server, Media Player and Virtual Terminals. Our system supports the full integration of queue management system with a customized 3 zone content management system which can be integrated with mobile SMS interactive solution to inform customers of appointment schedules and long queues.




Basic Functions LITE PRO
Operations Max. 4 Unlimited
Queues Max. 4 Unlimited
Counters Max. 10 Unlimited
CMS for Main display
Server Software for Windows PC
Queue Server
Gong calling
Ticket dispensers
Button dispensers
Printer thermal thermal
Paper width 80 mm 80 mm
Max roll diameter 80 mm 80 mm
Main displays
LCD displays
Multizone for Advertisement
Virtual Keypad (PC)
Daily visitor summary
Waiting time (min, mid, max)
Serving time (min, mid, max)
Ticket print time
Call time
Served time


Touch Screen Ticket Dispenser

  • Unlimited Number of Counters
  • Fully customizable, based on user¡¦s requirement
  • Editable Graphical Ticket (With Logo/Message etc.)
  • Tasks name on the ticket


Virtual terminal with Counter Login/Logout

  • Digital Voice on Calling Number
  • Counter May Select the Task to be Served
  • Easy Next Buttons
  • Repeated Calls
  • Transfer to Other Counter/Desk
  • Store & Recall due to missing clients
  • Number in queue size on the ticket


Unlimited number of LCD display

  • Split the screen to 3 Zone
  • Content Management for Advertisment contents